How does this website work?

Step 1: Click on a group you would be interested in helping

Step 2: Click on the website for the organization you would like to help to find the details about the needs

Step 3: Start Crafting

Step 4: Let us know what you are working on the Giving Artfully Forum

What happened to the old site?

 In order to keep up with the on-going changes and needs for the different organizations, we decided to direct you to the organization's website.  We loved the idea of housing all the information on our webpage, however, the most accurate information would be to go to the organization's website itself.  

This new format will also allow us to list to have a more comprehensive list of organizations that need handcrafted items.  

Can i recommend an organization for the website?

Yes, please let us know if there is an organization that we can list on our website.  We aim to be a comprehensive list of charity crafting opportunities!  Click on this link to let us know about an organization that should be listed on our site.